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What Samsung Can Teach Phone Manufacturers

Date: 04/08/2016   By: Amy Lamperti


It offers on-demand answers to common questions, a diagnostics tool to spot potential device issues, and even has live video chat support. Samsung has shown that it recognizes that the smartphone is not just a one time sale but a life cycle full of potential value. This mobile first approach is imperative to the lesser known phone manufactures that share 30% of the smartphone market.

The value of having an app like Samsung’s is huge. It provides value at both ends of the chain: To the smartphone user the benefits are obvious, from better customer service to exclusive deals and content. But what are the benefits to the manufacturer? What would justify investing capital and resources in quality support like Samsung’s app?

The benefits to the phone manufactures are potentially tremendous: The value generated and loyalty earned by creating meaningful experiences across all contacts in ways that matter to customers is the essence of brand loyalty building. But building brand awareness takes time and sustained investment, which could be a deterrent to companies who don’t have either. But brand loyalty building isn’t the only value generated from having an app like Samsung+. The more interesting, and the less understood value, is created from the data the app receives and the possibilities it opens up. Jacob Katsof, Co-Founder and CEO of UpChannel, understands the potential:

“The data gathered from the app can have a direct influence on a phone manufacturer’s core business. Imagine if you knew precisely where your phones were being sold, who was buying them and how they were being used.”

Having a precise understanding of your target audience and a detailed breakdown of where your devices are ending up can have a direct impact on what devices you manufacture and where you focus your sales efforts. More importantly, it can open up new revenue streams and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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