What Other Smartphone Manufacturers Should Learn From The Google Pixel

Date: 10/20/2016   By: Jacob Katsof


With the much-anticipated arrivals of the Pixel phone, Google is making a strong declaration that it is serious about carving out its place in hardware. As the Pixel phone begins shipping on October 20th, consumers will be quick to judge Google’s viability as a smartphone manufacturer. The Pixel is sure to draw comparisons to Apple’s iPhone, as it will bear some strikingly similar characteristics to the aesthetics of the iPhone and its notoriously clean design.

The Google Pixel

Beyond the look and feel of the phone, the Pixel will boast some notable functional advantages over the iPhone and other incumbent smartphones. While the Pixel’s camera is sure to garner a great deal of attention, as it will be the highest ranked camera ever on a mobile device, the phone’s most compelling feature may be its customer support functionality. While Apple customers have to visit an Apple Store to receive iPhone support, Pixel phone users will be able to leverage Google’s 24-hour live chat and phone support built into the device, accessible via the settings and support tab. Users can even share their screens with a support rep to help troubleshoot the issue at hand. This live customer support offering has the potential not only to improve customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty but should also remove significant overhead and support costs, as Google will not have to assume the costs associated with the equivalent of an Apple Store.

Much like the Samsung+ support app, the Pixel’s support offering will set the new standard for the smartphone industry concerning customer service. With the global smartphone market expected to grow to 2.1 billion units shipped in 2021 according to Business Insider, tier 2 smartphone manufacturers have an opportunity to continue to expand their footprints, but only if they can create similarly strong connections with their customers. Jacob Katsof, CEO of UpChannel, recognizes the need for these smaller scale smartphone brands to form meaningful relationships with their customers. “As the bar for customer service continues to be raised,” said Katsof, “the UpChannel platform provides a solution for the smaller brands that is on par with the Google Pixels and Samsung+’s of the world.”

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