Jesus Sardinero Joins the Ranks at UpChannel

Date: 02/20/2018   By: Jacob Katsof


Please Welcome Our New President of Mobile Business at UpChannel

We are thrilled to announce that Jesus Sardinero has joined the UpChannel team as our new President of Mobile Business.

Prior Roles in Commercial Operations at PCS Wireless, Telefonica & Motorola

Jesus has more than 30 years of experience in the wireless and telecommunications industry and has held several roles at well-known brands such as Motorola, Telefonica, Siemens and PCS Wireless.

As the President of Latin America at PCS Wireless, Jesus was responsible for acquiring inventory, servicing that inventory, and reselling it across all markets in Latin America. At Telefonica Jesus was responsible for commercial operations, sales and distribution, in both Latin America and Spain.

While at Motorola, Jesus built the company’s operations in Spain and then later managed the company’s relationship with Telefonica.

As a result of his experience in different roles, Jesus understands the opportunities and challenges OEMs, Carriers and Distributor face when they produce, sell, market, distribute and service smartphones. At some point in his career he has also been responsible for commercial operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, givin him unique perspective into the nuances of each geography.

Why Jesus Joined UpChannel

When speaking with Jesus it’s clear that he is very excited about the opportunity the UpChannel Connect platform has to help telecommunication companies improve their business by improving how they communicate directly with smartphone users.

According to Jesus, there are major opportunities for both carriers and OEMs to dramatically improve both the cost and effectiveness of their sales and customer service processes by leveraging the UpChannel Connect platform. Furthermore, the data that is available to them from the UpChannel Connect platform will better inform their product development and marketing programs.

One example Jesus provided was the opportunity to greatly reduce churn. In many emerging markets for example, a user who experiences difficulty using his or her phone, will just abandon that phone and switch to a different one, thus changing plans at the same time. So now a carrier (typically pre-paid) will lose a customer as will the OEM who provided the device.

Jesus points out that many of the so-called “ technical issues” the consumer, in many cases a first-time or beginning smartphone user, is experiencing could be very quickly and easily solved with a bit of communication between the carrier and the consumer or the OEM and the consumer, but currently there is no affordable way to manage those communications. The UpChannel Connect platform facilitates that communication thus making it much easier for OEMs and Carriers alike to keep smartphone users longer.

UpChannel Connect is a customer management platform built to serve the unique needs of the wireless industry. It is a custom app used by mobile carriers and manufacturers to help them manage their relationship with their users and it’s currently deployed on more than 1 million devices in 105 countries.

What is the Market Opportunity for UpChannel?

There are several interesting opportunities for OEMs and Carriers to leverage the UpChannel Connect platform says Jesus.

“The value UpChannel can deliver to telecommunication companies who are serving emerging markets is very clear to me and especially exciting.” He goes on to explain “In emerging markets, smartphone penetration is still very low, a median of 37% ownership in emerging markets according to the GSMA. This presents a big opportunity for growth for carriers and smartphone manufacturers alike, however, the ARPU (Average Revenue per User) is also extremely low and the cost of providing service is high which makes it very difficult to introduce an affordable data plan to attract a new smartphone user.”

While none of this is exactly new news, what Jesus said IS new is “the opportunity for a direct to consumer communication and customer relationship platform like UpChannel Connect to reduce the cost of support, streamline communication, encourage upgrades, and provide better intelligence back to the OEM and the Carrier.”

UpChannel Connect Helps Capture Market Share in Emerging Markets

Another thing Jesus talks about is the fact that in emerging markets, Carriers and OEMS are acquiring new customers rapidly, but losing them just as quickly, because they don’t understand the needs of the market and in many cases, the needs and wants of the local markets are changing and evolving quickly.

With UpChannel Connect the OEMs and Carriers can see where phones are activated and how they are being used which is invaluable intelligence that can help them structure the right plans and pricing and track and inform their marketing programs too. The OEMS and Carriers can also quickly and easily diagnose and troubleshoot service issues which is key to retention.

UpChannel Connect has helped OEMS and Carriers save upwards of 35% on support costs by enabling a single support representative to handle multiple conversations at a time. UpChannel Connect users have also seen returns reduced by 50% or more because most RMAs are not actually hardware problems but software or user generated issues that can be solved remotely.

Meet with Jesus to Better Understand What UpChannel Connect Can Do For You

Jesus will be meeting with his many colleagues and contacts across the industry to confirm his understanding of where and how UpChannel Connectcan add value to current business models and streamline customer support, sales, marketing and more.

He will attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and conduct outreach and interviews while he’s there. If you’d like to meet with Jesus to learn more about the platform please contact him at The UpChannel Connect platform is currently available to OEMs and Carriers at no cost. To learn more visit

Please join us in congratulating Jesus on his new role!

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