Is it time to create a killer unboxing video?

Date: 02/05/2018   By: Jacob Katsof


Everything Tier2 Smartphone OEMs need to know to create effective unboxing videos

First, what is an unboxing video, and do you need one?

An unboxing video is exactly as it sounds. Someone literally takes a commercial product out of a box and shows it to the viewer. The “star” of the video is the product and the narrator shows you the box it comes in, everything in the box, and all the features and styling of the product itself.

Today people are flocking to YouTube to see if they can find unboxing videos for items they are thinking about purchasing. There are more than 22 million unboxing videos on YouTube today and they get 10 billion views every month! (Source: Google)

In fact, 1 out of every 5 people are watching unboxing videos, and when they watch them, 2/3 of them are watching them to decide if they want to buy something or not. (Again, Source: Google)

Do Tier2 smartphone providers need unboxing videos too? (Spoiler Alert: YES!)

Here are the facts.

There were almost 1.5 billion smartphones shipped last year globally, and of that 1.5 billion devices, the Top 10 smartphone brands shipped a cool billion of them.

That leaves a market of 500 million devices up for grabs, and as you can see by visiting our website, there are more than 250 Tier2 smartphone brands competing for market share.

You need to do whatever you can to illustrate to potential buyers and partners why your devices are just as good or better than the alternative — whether that’s a more expensive Tier1 device, a pre-owned device, or a device from one of your many competitors.

The stats on the value of video marketing and the impact it has on sales are incredible –74% of people who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought that product! (Source: 8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Video Marketing)

Ok, we convinced you. You are going to make an unboxing video, then what do you do?

  1. Share it on your social media channels, post it to your social media channels, stick it on your About page, and so on and so on. Send it to current customers via your device communication platform or other means to encourage upgrades. Make sure it’s visible everywhere your customers go to find you.
  2. Create a YouTube channel and tag your unboxing video(s) with all your specs. Treat your video title description like an exercise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — make sure it’s full of terms consumers will be using to search
  3. Post it to your website, specifically on your product pages
  4. Embed it in emails that go out to your current and prospective partners and customers
  5. If you sell on Amazon, or via other eTailers, make sure it does NOT include your website address or make a version without a call to action to visit your website, and include it in your product listings
  6. Make sure all your retail partners know you’ve created it and have the link so they can do all the same things!
  7. Provide a link to it on your support pages and make sure our customer support team has it and can share it too

What’s the best way to create an unboxing video?

There are a variety of ways to get an unboxing video created and as with most things, it comes down to the time and money you have to invest in this exercise.

You can google similar devices, see who created their unboxing videos on YouTube, and if it’s a professional reviewer, contact them. Some will review your device at no charge to you if they think it will be popular enough and help drive advertising revenue for them. Others will charge you.

There are many professionals in this space, including the top players like Lewis Hilsenteger, Unbox Therapy (9.9 million subscribers) and Marques Brownlee, MKBHD (5.7 million subscribers) and Austin Evans (2.7M subscribers) and then any number of smaller players like Phonedog (640K subscribers) and Armando Ferreira, Mondobytes (286K subscribers.)

Some brands will opt to pay someone like these guys to create their video for them and post it to their own channel since one of the benefits they bring is a built-in audience. Those brands will then link to the video that’s on the reviewer’s channel from their sites.

Other brands prefer to create their own video with their own branding and post it to their own branded channel or hire someone to do it for them and develop their own unique style and voice for their brand.

UpChannel is dedicated to serving the needs of all smartphone providers and one of the things we are offering is the opportunity to have us create your unboxing videos at no charge. If you aren’t already part of our collection of unboxing videos, we want to add you! Upload your video now or we can create a video for you.

What makes an unboxing video great?

Good question! Here’s a list of the top 11 things to consider when creating an unboxing video.

  1. Make sure the video doesn’t feel fake. Make it real and authentic and engaging. It should feel more like a personal recommendation and tour than a sales pitch or advertisement.
  2. Lighting and audio quality are super important! Don’t skimp on either!
  3. Show the viewer both the packaging and the device from every single angle, give them a 360-degree view.
  4. Give whomever is recording your video a list of selling points, so they focus on and clearly state your top specifications and features.
  5. Demonstrate how the packaging protects the device during shipment and be sure to show the viewer each accessory and manual included.
  6. Don’t make the viewer wait too long to see the product. There’s something to be said about building up a little anticipation, but if you take too long to open the box you are going to lose them.
  7. TURN ON THE PHONE. Power up time is very important, so make sure the narrator turns on the device right away and then shows viewers how beautiful your casing is as they wait for the screen to light up.
  8. Capture the things users will do with your device; record a quick video and play it back, stick it in your pocket if it’s the right size, take a selfie and flip the phone around to show the result, do the things you know consumers would do if they were checking out the phone in person.
  9. Tell the viewer how much your device costs (or explain the MSRP) let them know which other models are comparable, who it’s best for, and where to buy it.
  10. Show off your support! Tell your users how they can get support when they need it. If you have a communication platform like an UpChannelrunning on your devices that allows you to communicate directly with users and help them quickly, tell them or show them!
  11. At the end of the video encourage your viewers to ask questions in the comments section. Engagement is HUGE! And of course, in the description of the video make sure to include all social handles, a link to buy the device or get more info and give them somewhere to go to ask questions or get support.

Don’t forget, if you would like some help with creating an unboxing video we can do it for you for FREE! Just submit your request and we’ll be in touch quickly!

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