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How OEMs Are Dropping The Ball On Data

Date: 05/21/2016   By: Emily Weil


Mobile devices aren’t commodities like pencils or coffee cups. As Jacob Katsof,, Co-Founder of UpChannel, likes to remind the telecom industry: ”When someone buys a phone, the new phone owner and the device manufacturer are really entering into a long-term relationship.”

The customer who bought the phone expects a basic level of benefits from the phone manufacturer, like customer support, while in addition to providing those benefits, the OEM should now have access to the customers user habits and preferences.

So how would having access to customer data affect your core business?

Utilizing mobile data collection provides decision makers with better, more accurate information crucial to planning and making informed decisions and gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. OEMs aren’t investing in data collection and analysis and are missing out on a powerful business tool. Imagine being able to follow the cookie trail of your devices from the factory on to wholesalers, distributors, retailers and finally to the end user. Owning this information can be a critical advantage to scaling and sustaining distribution channels.The following examples illustrate the benefits data collection can provide:

  • Tighten distribution channels by being able to pinpoint the location of your device by country, city, phone model and IMEI.
  • Open new sales channels by discovering which carriers provide service to your customer’s phones and connect with them directly.
  • Understand who your customers are and what they want by having a complete demographic picture of your customers broken down by age, gender and tendencies.

Global companies have conclusively demonstrated that by successfully extracting insights, products, and services from optimal data utilization, companies can use data to scale operations, find new revenue streams and grow.

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